SUBMIT NOW! Mighty Sword Studio “Spare Ghosts”

A publishing opportunity for misfits and creeps*

William Blake. Always good ‘n’ wicked freaky.

Starting right this minute and
continuing through All Saints Day Nov 1,
please submit your flash fiction and creative nonfiction
to the spanking new “Spare Ghosts” contest.
They will/might/just maybe be published today through midnight Nov 1.


Deadline: Submit Now!
Oct 31, all day and night
Nov 1, all day and night

What: Original spare (of length) stories and essays guaranteed to creep out at least one reader. 600 words max. No kidding.

How to submit: Attach a Word doc or pdf to an email—or paste your text into the body of the email—and send to PauletteLivers(at)gmail(dot)com

Are cliches okay? You bet. As long as the cliche doesn’t feel as though the writer does not recognize it as a cliche.

Is 6 words enough? Yes, Ernest, even 5 words are enough. Shoes optional.

Is 601 words too many? Yes, DFW. Spare Ghosts is the title of this opportunity, after all.

May I submit a piece that’s been published elsewhere? Yes, but please get needed permissions, and please include a reference to the original publication.

What about excerpts longer pieces? As long as it’s fairly self-contained and makes me afraid to go to sleep, or makes my hair stand ever so slightly, excerpts are fine.

I have this thing I wrote when I was 14 . . . If someone over 19 reads it now and is genuinely freaked out, by all means, submit. Whatever you send, use brutal discretion.

What do I get out of this? Glory everlasting, at

*We’re talking you, Kelly Link, Brian Evenson, Lidia Yuknavitch, Stephen Graham Jones, and all your ilk. If you, dear reader-writer, follow/read/stalk such uber-creepy writers (e.g. above) consider this your call to pen, or keyboard, or sword, or what-have-you.